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Zip Ride Safety Our commitment to riders

We monitor all rides with live driver tracking. By viewing the destination locations for each trip we conduct trip surveilance to ensure that riders reach their intended destinations. Our live support line enables phone contact if a situation occurs.

SOS SMSShare Trip Information

Send an SOS SMS
If an emergency situation occurs, you can send an SOS SMS to your emergency contact. Your emergency contact will receive an SMS informing them that you need emergency help and will also include a link to your current destination.

Share your trip information
If you have set an Emergency Contact in your Zip Ride app settings and have swicthed on "Share Trip Information", each time you take a Zip Ride, your emergency contact will receive an SMS indicating that you have taken a Zip Ride, the driver's name and the pickup location and destination address.

This feature is perfect for friends, family and loved ones using our service to ensure that their trip is as safe as can be.