Cheaper rides. Super security.
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Cheaper Prices

Zip Ride's business model of a flat fee for drivers, allows us to reduce ride prices and offer more available drivers. Sit back and relax, while enjoying the same trip for much less.

Zip Ride is the cheapest, most affordable ride share service in Trinidad and Tobago. We ensure high quality rides due to our stringent inteview process - from driver interviews for all drivers to car inspections, we ensure that our rides are top notch.

Phone Dispatch

Zip Ride phone dispatch provides the opportunity for you to call for a ride. Whatever the situation - business booking, hotel guest, lost phone, booking for a friend or even if you haven't installed our app, Zip Ride is still available to you.

Simply call our Phone Dispatch line at +18682665212 and we'll arrange for your pickup to the destination of your no extra cost.

Schedule a Zip Ride

Zip Ride provodes advanced ride booking with our Schedule Ride feature within our app. Just tap the schedule ride button (next to Ride Now) and set your ride's date and time and pickup location to destination address. That's it.

One of our drivers will confirm the booking and be there at your pickup location at the time you've booked a ride for.

Add Favourite Driver

Zip Ride offers our riders the opportunity to add a favourite driver to your driver list. Once this has been set, the next time you're looking for a Zip Ride, your favourite driver will receive your ride request first.

Setting this up is easy. Once in the Zip Ride app, go to your app menu, choose Favourite Driver, then tap the Add Favourite Driver. Enter the driver's phone number and submit. That's it.

Fare Estimate

Not sure how much a ride is going to cost? Try our fare estimate option when booking a ride. Once you have entered your destination address and chosen your car type, the estimated price will be displayed

To get a more detailed breakdown of the cost, tap on the estimated price. This will then show a full description of all costs included in your fare estimate.

In-App & Email Invoices

Zip Ride prides ourselves in being fully transparent with all our ride invoicing. At the completion of each ride, you will receive an emailed invoice, detailing a full cost breakdown and your trip information

This information is also stored in-app, allowing for easy retrieval if future use of the invoice is needed.

Safety & Security

Your safety is of the greatest importance to us. As such, we have set in place mutiple methods to ensure your trip is monitired and that, in the case of any troublinng situation, your emergency contacts can be alerted and locate you if needed.