Driver requirementsDrive with Zip Ride today

Our signup process is simple. Download the Zip Ride Driver app from your favourite app stores, register and submit your documents then come visit us for an interview

How to become a Zip Ride driver

1. Download and Register

Zip Ride for drivers app is available in both stores for android and ios devices.

  • Download Zip Ride Driver
  • Register an account

2. Upload Documents

After you have registered an account proceed to upload the following documents:

  • Driver's License
  • Certificate of Character (Valid for one year)
  • Certified Copy
  • Valid Insurance

3. Visit for interview

Once you have registered for and account and submitted your required documents, the final process is to visit our office for an interview.

This is to ensure your vehicle is up to the standards we have set for Zip Ride and presents a chance for us to get to know the drivers better.