Be your own Boss! Keep ALL the money you earn

0% Commission

Our flat fee business model removes the current ride share commission structure in the market. You no longer need to count your income when paying 20% - 30% of your rides.

With Zip Ride, you keep all the money you earn. Our ride prices are cheaper for the rider but you still make more money than with other services.

Monthly Flat Fee

Our subsciption based business model allows for just one low monthly flat fee of TTD$600.

Once your subscription has started officially with first payment, you are then listed for 30 days on Zip Ride. To stay on the platform, you re-new your susbcription for another 30 days.

After you have been accepted onto the Zip Ride platform, your first month is FREE. This provides an opportunity to try the Zip Ride service and then decide later, if you would like to stay on.

Phone Support

If needed, our live support staff is there to assist you with any queries or incidents which may have occurred.

Zip Ride establishes an interpersonal relationship with our drivers to ensure that they have all the tools they need to provide the best ride share service to their riders.

The Zip Ride community is more than just a business, we are a family seeking our drivers best interests and keeping them safe.