Cheaper Ride Prices

Zip Ride's business model of a flat fee for drivers, allows us to reduce ride prices and offer more available drivers. Sit back and relax, while enjoying the same trip for much less.

In addition to cheaper prices, there is so much more to discover with Zip Ride: Nearest Driver, Add Favourite Driver, Phone Dispatch, Schedule Future Ride, Price Estimate, Referral Credit and Promo Codes plus much more.

0% Commission for Drivers

Our flat fee business model removes the current ride share commission structure in the market. You no longer need to count your income when paying 20% - 30% of your rides.

With Zip Ride, you keep all the money you earn. Our ride prices are cheaper for the rider but you still make more money than with other services.

SOS & Share Trip Info

Zip Ride has in place, multiple systems to alert others if you are in danger. Our SOS button allows you to privately send an SOS SMS message to your emergency contacts. This SOS SMS comes with a map location so your emergency contact can track you down.

In addition to this, you can share your trip information with others. Once shared, your contacts can see who you are driving with, your pickup location and destination information.

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